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Classic IO arenas never go out of style. No solo experience could ever replace competing against real players over the Internet. But as web technologies improve, older projects give way to fresh twists on their formulas. Triang.io is an online top-down multiplayer deathmatch inspired by Agar.io. Explore the map, consume energy to grow stronger, and defeat worthy opponents. Evade their attacks and strive to become the largest entity of the server.

Action Incarnate

Engaging mechanics are far more important than flashy visuals. That is why so many gamers prefer indie products to top-tier releases by major corporations. But it can be incredibly hard to strike the right balance of challenge and enjoyment. In this case, the developers decided to learn from the best. They took the most compelling mechanics of Agar io and improved upon them. Every Triang io game is an intense battle for survival that features the following qualities:

The process of gradually becoming more powerful takes time. But being able to crush opponents like cockroaches is well worth the effort. Check out this addition to the category and it will not disappoint.

How to Play Triang.io

The character traverses the surroundings without any assistance. Just move the mouse cursor around to go in the desired direction. Gather emoji faces to gain an advantage. Approach smaller foes, chase them down and eat them. But be careful not to fall prey to the bigger ones. Press Space to split the circle into parts. This ability can be used both as an attack and an evasive maneuver. Beware of hand sanitizer bottles. Sliding over them makes a huge leviathan burst into multiple little pieces. Feed as much as possible without dying to climb to the top of the scoreboard.

Competitive multiplayer titles often cost a lot without offering much in return. Triang io is free and capable of providing hours of entertainment. Run it in any modern browser without installation. Devour rivals, accumulate mass, and become an unstoppable force. Watch tiny competitors scatter in fear, dominate the server, and have fun.

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